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brave carrot photography videography ROB 1 1
brave carrot photography videography ROB 1 1

About Brave Carrot Photography & Electronics Reviews

I love electronics, I’m a lifelong tech junky born in 1982, let me know if my story resonates with you.

This Youtube Channel and blog is all about electronics and tech, but I also own and operate Feedbackwrench, a digital marketing company that helps small businesses fill their sales funnel and dominate their competitors with websites, paid advertising & SEO.

I’ve Been Engaged in Tech & Electronics Since 1988

My first and favorite gadget we got was our Nintendo, which deserves much more attention than I’ll give here. I’ve been a Sony and Nintendo brand loyalist for a while, but the first tech I fell in love with was Metroid on the Nintendo.

It started with Metroid but Evolved from there.

I’ve been able to watch the biggest surge in technology since the industrial revolution. I’ve been captivated with computers, cameras and gadgets and I’ve amassed quite the experience because I’ve had the priveledge of being engaged in tech since a very young age.

Since 1986, My father has been either a highly productive outside sales person, or sales manager, for the local Caterpillar Dealership here in Minneapolis. His company equipped him with the most effective (not fanciest) technology throughout the years. I watched as he evolved from using only pay phones, to getting his first pager, to a large portable phone, to a pentium 1 desktop, all the way to the modern laptops and portable devices we use now.

I worked at Best Buy, in the computer department, from 2004 till 2010, and I loved helping people get informed and make wise decisions with their technology. It was about solving problems, and making wise investments into the gear, and providing that “insider perspective” so people would have their lives enhanced. I sold thousands of computers, and interacted with tens of thousands of people at Best Buy, and I assure you, I was the best version of what you hoped to interact with at Best Buy. I knew my stuff, and I wasn’t a snot about it, I helped you understand how to make your decision, and I always provided transparency about what we would be seeing for failure rates, value and more.

Computers gripped me at a young age.

The company my dad worked for had “contests” throughout the years, and they were allowed to cash in their contest winnings to buy things in the up-to-date Spiegel Catalog. I would spend hours and hours combing through and doing research, knowing that my dad would look to the family to choose a prize. Spiegel was full of boring stuff like clothing and high-margin home goods, but there was an electronics and computer section that spanned about 4 pages…


Our Family Ordered our First Computer from a Spiegel Catalogue using contest prize dollars from my Dad’s work.

After initially purchasing an inflatable rubber raft in the late 80’s, (which is still in his home), I planned to acquire a computer. I wanted a computer because I was getting fascinated by technology, and everything else in the Spiegel Catalog was trash. I’m probably lucky that Spiegel didn’t have anything cool for sporting goods, sport cards, or toys – otherwise I never would have positioned the idea of getting a computer.

Our first computer arrived, it was as Packard Bell, Windows 3.11 desktop with a CD-ROM.

Not long after, I became obsessed with QBASIC, AOL, and PC Gaming.

fPackard Bell Legend 401CD computer from 5d69ecef8891e 1
This is the first computer we bought as a family, the Packard Bell Legend 401CD computer from 5d69ecef8891e 1

My Tech Moments:

Growing up, a series of moments stand out to me that really entrenched me into computers and technology, maybe you can relate.

  1. When my Parents surprised our Family with a Nintendo, with Metroid, Super Mario Brothers, and T&C Surf
  2. Getting my first Sony Walkman for tapes
  3. Getting my first Sony Discman
  4. The first hand-me down cell phone, and the upgrades every couple of years.
  5. The first time I transferred a file on Floppy Disks from school to home BLEW MY MIND!
  6. The first 100mb Zip Disk I saved up for no real reason except for save game files and fun.
  7. Using a Scanner & OCR Software was mind blowing
  8. Getting my parents to agree to Prodigy, AOL, or any other internet
  9. Getting my PC Gamer Magazine with a Command & Conquer playable demo
  10. Playing Warcraft 1 – listening to the voices as you clicked
  11. Doom 1 & 2, Diablo 1 and 2, and connecting online for head to head or online play.
  12. Duke Nukem 3d head to head matches.
  13. Playing PC games over dialup, and then on the weekends we would have Null Modem parties where we could direct connect and avoid the lag… which meant i carried my CRT monitor, and large desktop and keyboard and mouse, across town to my buddies house.
  14. and finally, Being able to spend my own money on technology!

My Love for Cameras:

While my love affair with technology grew, I also loved cameras.

I always took photos, and even video as soon as I could.

My grandparents had a video camera during the 80’s and 90’s and they would allow us to borrow it for periods of time. Besides that, I eventually concocted the case for my parents to purchase a small Sony Handicam. We used that to make all sorts of silly videos and we were vlogging well before anyone else was.

I’ll just say that I paid almost all my allowance to pay for Fujifilm and Kodak film, and Walgreens made a killing from printing my photos (since you usually got free doubles)

Personal Electronics

My family didn’t really have lots of disposable extra money during the 80’s and early 90’s, until my dad’s hard work paid off later on. That meant we were getting electronics through the company contests. Another one of the items we chose was a Sony Walkman.

I bought my first Micheal W. Smith, MC Hammer, and other Christian artist tapes and loved listening on my Sony Walkman.

After that, CD’s started to be really important, so we first purchased a Sony Living Room Boombox that had a CD player. That thing actually NEVER broke and we eventually got rid of it because it wasn’t needed. Sony is an incredible company and a little part of why I’ve come back to enjoy Sony photography gear is because of the quality I’ve experienced throughout my lifetime. There WAS a time when Sony was the highest quality electronic you could purchase, and I think it’s similarly true today.

I can still hear the discman playing my Christian CD’s like Audio Adrenaline, Newsboys, Petra, and Carmen through the “Ultra Bass” that could be turned on. The case I had held the discman in the front and you it could hold about 12 CD’s as well… I lugged it along everywhere during those years.

I’ll never forget sitting in my room counting and looking at my 1990’s football and basketball cards, while my Sony Discman played Audio Adrenaline, Michael W. Smith, Gospel Gangstas, and other 90’s Christian artists.

Every 18 months or so, my Dad’s company would upgrade his phone, and he would pass along his old phone to me. Because of his work, my dad has had the same cell phone number since the late 80’s, and has been with the original company that became Verizon the entire time. Everytime something weird would happen, and we called customer service, he would suggest they check his customer service records, which always lead to an audible gasp and a the customer service rep giving into whatever small request my father had, all because he was grandfathered in to every single beneficial program that had ever been created.

Phones evolved, and by the time I entered High School, the phones started to do more with texting, terrible photos, and I actually saved up to purchase a Pocket PC in about 2001. It was pointless, but I was enthralled by the new tech and I could clearly see where things are going.

I predicted the direction that phones would take, and I even had an inclination to social media, even though I thought it would be more like an electronic yearbook on the internet where people could continuously stay in touch and update their photos.

The bottom line is that I love electronics, everything from the ability to enjoy memories, to enhancing and empowering the way work is done, to the engineering behind it, I”m truly an electronics junky – and I hope you end up loving the reviews and insight I provide here on the blog on the Youtube Channel.

Every Phone I owned Up Until 2010